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Winbold is the leading provider of the end to end platform engineering services. Work with product startups, ISVs, Financial Services companies, Marketing and Ad tech technology companies. We have built some of the leading platforms that are disrupting the traditional industries.



  • Noise Vs Signal


    Starting with the right strategy for the platform is the key to realizing the idea. For devicing a right strategy you need to differentiative the signal from noise.

  • Strong Foundation


    Your technology architecture will serve as the foundation of your strategy. There is a significient research goes into our recommendation on picking a platform that will serve your shortterm and long term needs.

  • Build it


    This is the meat and potatos of your business. Buidling the right product or service that you can reach out to your customers with. A solid foundation will enable you to build a solid product.

  • Continious Improvement


    You are not going to get it right the first time. No matter how much work you are going to do, you will inevitably miss a feature or get it wrong. Your platform must make building and rolling out a feature fast.

  • Automate


    Automate your dev builds, testing and production deployment. There is nothing worse than having a great product that needs 3 week to get to your user. Automate Everything.

Reflect. Improve. Repeat. 

Our Platform Engineering Services


Our platform strategy service helps you in identifying the right strategy, features and requirements for your platform. Leverage our experience in the market place in identifying the key use cases that will return the best ROI.


Our Platform Architecture service will help you in identifying the right technologies and architecture for your business. We will recommend an architecture that is neither over engineer nor delay the implementation.


Our Platform Engineering service will help you in building the platform with the right technologies. We will help you build your platform with the Cloud, Big data, API and SDK technologies.


Our Platform Integration service will help you in integration of your platform with enterprise technologies inclduing Salesforce, Mainframe, SAP and Oracle. 


Our migration service will help you in migrating the application from your current technology to Cloud, migrate the data and rewrite the applicaitons to work with the new platforms.


Our Platform Talent service provides you with the best platform talent including platform architect, platform engineers and program managers. We understand your need to have these staff on your payroll and will work with you on the transition. 

Our Technology Capabilities

Amazon AWS

As an Amazon AWS Partner we have invested heavily in building solutions and services around AWS Technologies


We are premier partner for Microsoft we worked on multiple platforms that leverage Azure

Apache Hadoop and Spark

Our extensive experience in data engineering and data integration technologies help us integrate the platforms with vast amount of structure and unstructure data.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Our analytics expertise include realtime data ingestion, streaming analytics, dashboards, AI, Machine Learning, R and Mobile BI

NodeJS and Reactive

Extensive experience in next generation application platform inclduing NodeJS, Reactive Frameworks, Push architectures and NGINX.

Docker and Containers

Leverage our extensive experience in building a modular platform with microservers on top pf Docker Containers.


We are one of the pioneers of the Serverless architectures for a Financial Services firm by implementing a robo-advisor platform on AWS Lambda

Jenkins, Chef, Puppet

Our dedicated Devops team have extensive experience in consulting and automating large scale platform implementations.